This is Part 8 and the last of Our Trip to Nashville Series. If you would like to read from the beginning, go here.

You know how you have really great vacations and it’s not just the big moments or things that make it special? It’s all the little things for me!

Like these:

At first they were like this

Aaaand this

And then they were like this

And this!


My niece Caroline was very popular over the weekend

Here she is trying to bribe me for drinks

I couldn’t resist

I showed her a few tricks on the piano

While visiting with Gran

I made it my mission to take as many candids as I could

Because Gran likes them a lot

And I was happy to force a pose

Because she’s so cute!

We had a calm weekend with beautiful scenery

Fun telling stories

And wearing crazy hats

<— And somehow The Hulkster is really good at blinking during pictures! 🙂  —>

We had some healthy, and not so healthy food

Good grief, look at the cheese!

Not all eaten, I promise.

Overall, I had a great time

But the best part is that we did it together

And that’s all that matters