This is Part 6 of Our Trip to Nashville Series. To read from the beginning, go here.

The Hulkster’s birthday was so great that waking up the next day was tough. We went to church with Amy then headed over to the reunion…

Let me paint you a picture as best I can. The reunion was hot. Wicked hot. Record breaking hot. Sad hot. Yes, I say sad because the heat would deter anyone from wanting to go out in the sun verses the oasis of a shaded pavilion. Playing volleyball for less than 10 minutes produced copious amounts of sweat and regretting not putting enough sunscreen. I knew avoiding anything with mayo would be my ticket to being bathroom free in the middle of the night. Sunglasses were necessary for possible blindness, water was guzzled from clear pink cups, and not much was to be done but sit and eat. Which we did, but the feeling of a constant external inferno was enough to keep any extrovert at bay. I felt miserable. It was sad hot, like I said. No one wanted to do anything.

My mother in law sums it up perfectly


Despite the heat, we did have some fun

Or at least look like we were having fun

Look at my poor niece by the drinks

So thirsty…need water

I gave her some, and then a little bit of soda

Because that’s what aunties do donchaknow!

But it was all worth while when we saw how happy Gran was that everyone came out

As soon as the festivities were over we went to Baskin Robbin

Now let me preface this by saying the following: I was going to get a SINGLE scoop. Got that? One. Ok so Hulkster said, “Well, I’ll take some too so we’ll made it a double scoop.” Ok fine. Then my brother in law suggested a waffle cone. What a concept, never had one before ok sure fine, “One double scoop chocolate chip in a waffle cone.” We get to the window (because it was a drive thru, how cool is that?!) and the girl says, “I didn’t make this ice cream cone so don’t be mad.” Hmmm…what does that mean? Here is what they gave me:

A honker of a cone that’s what!

There were easily 4 scoops in there

And we couldn’t just not eat it, please! We so weren’t mad at her either 😉

We went swimming in the hotel pool after this just to make sure we burned off as many calories as possible because


After the pool time we went to dinner at Boscos.

I painted my nails, which is very rare. Enjoy.

Boscos food was great, the wait staff……eeeeehhhh…

The strangest shade of rude I have ever met.

It was was weird ya know?

After that l o n g hot day, once bedtime came we obeyed.