This is Part 5 of Our Trip to Nashville Series. To read from the beginning go here.

I continued my vacation tradition by waking up at 6am on the dot. The plan was to meet downstairs for breakfast. Somehow I went to LALA Land (real place!) in my head and thought, “I’ve got plenty of time! I’ll eat a snack…watch some tv….head to the gym…shower….sigh.” Well the Hulkster later reminded me that we needed to be downstairs in oh…32 minutes. AAHH! How did time pass so quickly?! I hauled booty over to the gym and decided to challenge myself. Could I run a mile without stopping? I hoped it would give me a quick time in the gym, and I could just try it and see. You know what?

I did it.

I freaking did it.

Happy Birthday Honey, 25 has treated me well and I hope it does for you too!

You have no idea how much this means to me. You can’t. You don’t know of my long drawn out emotional crap with running, but I might just post about that one day. Prepare yourself. Anyway, I was really happy about it. So happy, I took the fastest shower of my life and headed downstairs so we could go to…

The Pancake Pantry!

I have a history with this place…well see for yourself

This is the first time I went there- in 2008!

There’s Amy, along with her bff Lauren and our blondie Jen

And the food

I had blueberry pancakes, Jen got a ham omelet and hashbrowns

Now, the food by itself was amazing

That is, until Mary had us try these sweet potato pancakes

Our lives changed, on the house I might add.

I relived my memory when we got there and stuffed my face with them. I finished in literally 3 minutes flat. A record because I am like the slowest eater! I finished and looked around like woah…I’m a heifer! It was worth it. It was made even better when we went back to Fido and I got another Local Latte. I love that place! We then went over to Barnes and Noble for a prank item (to be told later!) and I picked up this little baby. So cute right? I got it for 10 bucks! We had some fun in the entire top floor devoted to Vandy memorabilia! Holy Cow it was a lot of stuff!

My awesome brother in law cheering for Vanderbilt!

Cute no?

It was fun!

We headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before dinner. We don’t subscribe to cable so getting used to movies on tv with a zillion commercials was a challenge!

By the way, I made my mother in law take a picture with me. I’ve known this lady almost a decade and I never took a picture with just her and me! Can you believe it?! She hates taking her picture. She rarely does, but I made her. And I’m glad I did because:

It turned out great, like I said it would.

I’m so glad it did because like I’ve said before, she smells nice and I think she’s beautiful.

Pretty soon it was time for dinner!

Waiting in the lobby

We headed downtown to go to Morton’s

Sometimes the flash isn’t the answer *cough* waitress *cough*

From left: Me, Hulkster, MIL, SIL, BIL, BIL, SIL, FIL, get all that?

I had these amazing crab cakes (I may like them more than steak, I said may)

And their Caesar salad, dressing on the side because lot of dressing is gross

Not to mention SALTY. But delicious

I like it medium just like this– so good!

And who misses dessert? Not us!

We love Morton’s, so very much.

So glad The Hulkster was born!

This trip was awesome, and not even done yet!

To Be Continued