This is Part 4 of Our Trip to Nashville Series. To start from the beginning, go here.

For some reason I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:30am on Friday. Sure, that’s 5:30am Michigan time but I would never wake up at that time on vacation!!! Comical and ironic I tell you!

We headed downstairs for an early breakfast. We got vouchers so it was free! Check it out:

My omelet had bacon, spinach and cheeeese in it

I also added 1/2 a whole wheat bagel, 1/2 a cranberry muffin, and fresh fruit

Sometimes breakfast buffets don’t have the healthiest of choices so I do what I can

The Hulkster had an omelet, biscuits and gravy, the other half of my muffin, and fresh fruit


Those workout clothes were worn for a reason-we hit the gym! Glad we did because we have separate gyms in Michigan and working out together is fun!

He’s totally watching Swamp People on a treadmill built into the freaking tv!


See? Working out = fun!

We got cleaned up and I headed out for the day with Amy. The Hulkster stayed in the hotel to relax all day, he was so excited to just do nothing. A dream for an overworked grad student. Amy and I went to downtown Franklin. We looked in their overpriced but ridiculously cute shops, had lunch, and headed to TJ Maxx. I got some running shirts, which is so much fun now that I run! When we were in college and had no money, we used to hang out at Barnes and Noble and randomly look at things. We relived the experience and laughed it up at some “Where Are They Now,” books.

It was so crazy hot outside, we kept cool in the car!

That night the Hubs and I headed down to Bar B Cutie to meet with the family. His mom, dad, sister, and brother in law flew out for the reunion and we decided to meet at the restaurant to see his uncle, aunt, grandmother, nephew, niece, another sister, and brother in law. It was quite a crowd but good company.

My brother in law and niece

Hulkster and my mother in law

Gran and my father in law


Bar B Cuties

Oh I just had to ok?

After the food, we got some shakes at Steak and Shake

I can’t eat food there, I feel like I need a shower and a Pepto

But I won’t turn down a Heath Bar shake

And then it was bedtime 🙂

To Be Continued.