This is Part 3 of Our Trip to Nashville Series. To start from the beginning, go here.

We had a wonderful time on the drive down

Seen here

And here.

After a brief run in with traffic, we got to our hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn Nashville/Franklin Cool Springs.

You should check out the pictures- it was beautiful! Randomly Arctic cold in the lobby, but beautiful. Here’s a normal picture of our room:

So peaceful

Some things about hotels we appreciate:

1. Big rooms

My father in law was nice enough to use his Hilton Points and get us this awesome room

It had 2 tvs, a living room, and a king size bed.

It was lovely

2. Full length mirrors

Helpful for tall folks like us!

3. Clean big sinks

Mama needs her space, and a clean space to boot!

4. Tall shower heads

So nice to get clean without doing the limbo!

We got freshened up and went to dinner with my best friend from back home- Amy! I heart her. She’s such a sweetheart and has really been there for me through a lot. When we moved to Michigan, I got a text from her everyday for months checking on me. It really meant a lot because I had no friends or family and it was a tough adjustment. Another post, I promise. She moved to Nashville about 2 years ago and took us to dinner at a place called Fido. The three of us had these fish tacos. We hardly talked because our mouths were full of deliciousness. Oh my gosh. They were amazing. I highly recommend Fido because they have locally grown produce and meat. They name and display where they get their ingredients- I love it!

We also enjoyed a Local Latte

With honey and cinnamon in it- mmm!

After the epicness that was our tacos, we walked down a few shops to visit Hot and Cold Ice Cream Shop. The Hulkster got butter pecan, Amy got an unfortunately scandalous looking chocolate covered banana, and I got some kind of chocolate ice cream.

Good stuff- I love hanging out with her!

We said goodnight and headed back to the hotel to finally sleep. We had a big day ahead of us and excitement cannot describe how much we were looking forward to seeing family!!!

To Be Continued.