This is Part 2 of Our Trip to Nashville Series. To start from the beginning, please go here.

Well after the shaving was done, I was able to relax a little more. We had everything done and ready to go for the trip. Hulkster found this really cool idea on Reddit to keep hair out of the sink (which happens to be my most hated bathroom gunk-ew!) by putting plastic wrap over it. Genius! And thoughtful I might add. I got our water and ice cubes ready, set out our clothes, said “goodnight” to you, and we headed to bed. Ok, how hard is it to sleep before a big trip? On a normal day it’s difficult, but with my back killing me from spasms, it was was even harder. Somehow I managed to get through the night and wake up happy because this was us:

Don’t worry, that’s our excitedforthetripwowitisearly faces!

I set us up with 3 water bottles. One that like this. And another one that looked like that but purple. And then another clear travel bottle with Minnie Mouse on it, because it was just so cute and hydration is important! I filled them full with ice and water, we got all our stuff in the car and headed out!

We made plans previous to this to drive down with our friends Dave and Jess, along with Jess’s parents and sister. Her parents lived on the way so we made a stop there before we left. Eventually we got on the road and found out we have very different caravanning styles. We have to pee about every hour or so, they don’t. We like to stop and stretch both our backs, they don’t. We don’t just stop for gas, they do….soooo… we made our way down there catching up to them every once in a while and were thankful to catch up with them before our routes changed in Nashville.

In the meantime, the Hulkster slept…

(Lincoln Beard gone I might add)

While I drove

Eyes were on the road I promise

Except that time…

We stopped for the restroom and lunch, and then Hulkster drove the rest of the way

Normally I drive so this was a treat!

Beautiful eh?

This is what I miss when the weather is snowy!

We also stopped for snacks AKA total crap only eaten on car trips

We’ve got:

Pretzel M&Ms- my favorite M&Ms! Boo to pb ones…that’s another post all together

Cheetos- I hadn’t had them in yeeeeears. Seriously, years.

And some Planter’s Peanuts. If they weren’t containing a million milligrams of sodium, it would be a ok.

If they had Take 5, I would have gotten one.

It looks like I ate most of the bag but I didn’t. They leave room to inject nitrogen. Yummy.

You and I both know I am NOT a “eat copious amounts of food because I’m on vacation” kind of girl so you may be thinking…what’s with her? Well the truth is, moderation is key in this situation. I had A serving (1/4 of the bag) of Cheetos, A handful of nuts, and A 1/4 serving of the M&Ms. And now that I’m typing this, all 3 bags are still in the car uneaten. Moderation people. That’s how I do it.

We listened to my 6 differently playlists, asked questions, laughed, were just together. And that’s the way we like it. And we finally caught up with our friends!

We’ve got the Hulkster and Dave

Is it just me or do they kinda look like little kids together?

They have this funny bromance going on, it’s cute

Pictures in a gas station…classy I know

Jess is an R.D. which makes her a cool person in my opinion

And here we all are together!

We said our goodbyes and made our way into the city- Nashville!

To be Continued.