Hey There Folks! The Hulkster and I just had the Best Vacation Ever, seriously no joke. It really was.

We went to Nasvhille of all places and it was wonderful. Fun, family, food, freedom! Please remember, this was not a perfect vacation. I am known to {She-Hulk-Out} at any given moment, no matter where we are. Eh, that’s just me. But I have a ton of pictures too so sit back and relax and read about our wonderful time, please.

It all started on Wednesday night. I got home from volleyball and had a ton of stuff to do. It did not help that my team didn’t play well. We won, but it didn’t feel like a win. What made things all the more better was for some reason my lower back that day had started to spasm. I get those every once in a while but these were escalating. I played through the pain which isn’t always the best idea, especially when trying to put all the details together for our trip. By the time I got home, I was hurting. I tried to ice it, but the pain was pretty deep and I couldn’t really reach it. I let it rest while I spent 1.5 hours some time on our car trip playlists. I don’t know about you, but I need music in the car on a road trips. I just do.

Fun fact: The Hulkster’s parents don’t allow the radio or music on car trips. When I first met them I thought that idea was cr-a-zy. Then I learned you can actually talk and get to know one another. What a concept. The Hulkster and I are 50/50 with talking/music now. Our car, our rules! 🙂

I used all my tips and tricks while I got my stuff together, but those last little things youdonotthinkofuntilmidnight snuck up on me…oh well. It also happened to be the night the Hulkster decided to shave his head. I was starting to stress a little before that, well I was really stressed when the hours started to pass and he still couldn’t do it because he was helping me. What a good guy. Eventually we got things set up and set out for the next morning. It was shave time.

The Hulkster’s Hair Normally Looks Like This

Just The Hair

He’s Thinner Now

Or This


Well the night before we left he was sporting all that and more. He had what we call around here: The Lincoln Beard.

Mmm Hmm

See picture One again and tell me that isn’t the same

I was happy to help, in fact elated to get rid of the excess hair. Razors and scissors and snips (oh my!) later…

I had my husband back.

To Be Continued.