Today marks my mom’s sixtieth (that’s 6-0 people!) birthday! Happy Birthday Mama! Here’s some things you should know about my mom:

1. She’s a health nut/exercise enthusiast

She mountain bikes, does yoga, Pilates, step, aerobics, weights, runs, all sorts of things!

2. She taught me how to bundle up (in California)

which is so useful in the coldest state ever frosty Michigan!

3. She did not teach me how to cook

Or bake

Or a lot of other things

But we love to do those things together!

We made pumpkin scones that day, very very good andIdon’tevenlikepumpkinanything! Even with the icing halved- good!

4. She birthed 2 semi giants, and 1 normal sized baby

Sadly, my brother and I are freaks of nature to most people

Him 7’1″ and me 5’11.5″

But please, please stop asking,

“How tall are you?”

Ug. Sure, tell me your weight and we’re even.


5. She may be a rule follower

She may fall asleep at 8:30-9:00om every night

But she knows how to have fun!

*Man in picture not my dad but a very awesome family friend!*

Happy Birthday Mama! I can’t be there, but I love you just the same!