Fun Fact: I used to be a Car Show Model traveling around the country to fun places like New York City, Chicago, LA, and Dallas. Professional people, no bathing suits. Hahahahaha….what a way to burn your corneas out!

I’ve been to, in, around, through, over almost all 50 beautiful states and if there’s something I know how to do; it’s pack. I’m going to give a list of my do’s and don’t to packing. Maybe it will help you on your (hopefully?) upcoming Summer Va-Cay!


1. Plan ahead. Especially with my tips because there are a lot! Unless you are being whisked off on a minutes notice by your hubs (how romantic) you should try to give yourself a game plan. Make a list, talk it over with your travel buddy, pack a month early, whatever it is to clear your head just do it. Especially if you want it to be less stressful. I find trying to throw things in a suitcase right before I leave really stressful. Thankfully our honeymoon ended up being so wonderful! But that’s another post. 😉

2. Regardless of your mode of transportation, follow the airlines. One bag, one personal carry on.

Here’s mine.

My Disneyland rolling suitcase, it came with a tote too.

Best $10 for luggage ever spent!


3. Bring Samples

All you see here was free

Take advantage of free samples and stock up so you can take them on vacation. You won’t get that horrible shampoo bottle explosion, they take up far less space, and they are usually the perfect amount so you can take it for a short trip and throw them away at the end. Easy peasy! Some great sites I swear by- and

4. Check the weather before you go. I know they aren’t always 100% in their predictions but why would you want to pack parkas and blankets, when you could be packing

This! Hey ya!

5. Give those kiddos something to do. I may or may not have been on 27 a couple flights with screaming children. I always give parents the benefit of the doubt, but they don’t just want to sit there and be quiet! Heck, I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT! Ahem…sorry. Do me yourself a favor and bring stuff they like to entertain them!

6. Roll your clothes! It saves so much space and wrinkles! Take my favorite pair of jeans (Citizens of Humanity) that I love.

Fold them in half…

And roll!

It really helps for us as well because we’re tall and our clothes are all l-o-n-g

7. Bring workout clothes/shoes

For me, I need to workout when I travel

I double up on pj shirts and use them to workout

Less space used, and more calories burned!

8. Bring an extra pair of underwear and socks. Obviously not pictured. The worst thing I can think of on vacation is taking a nice hot, early morning shower, only to search furiously through my bag and realize all my drawers are in the dirty clothes. Ew.

9. Consider your passengers. People are noisy, smelly, and rude. Earplugs, breath mints, and an Enya mixed CD will do ya wonders!

10. Bring books

Or Kindle in my case

For all your boring moments (airport terminals, long flights, even longer car trips! Life isn’t all fun)

11. Don’t forget your meds! Last year we got about 20 minutes into a car trip and I remembered they were on my nightstand. Thankfully we were still close enough, but that was too close of a call. Put them in your purse the night before!

12. Get rest! Missed flights and unsafe driving can be avoided if you just get to bed earlier! Plan ahead like I said before!

13. Put things out the night before. Sometimes our phone/alarm clocks/husbands/brains stop working and we oversleep! Throw those clothes, grab your bags, and head out the door! How easy right?

14. Take cash. Especially to bigger cities since taxis are a popular way to travel. What better way to avoid ATM fees, than to go to your own bank and get it before you end up in a place that has Bank of the West, not Bank of Trust, etc. And although I love how many places take debit cards, I can’t escape how bad I feel when I can’t tip because all I have is plastic! 😦


1. Think everything is going to go perfectly. One year we were set to head out early in the morning for a road trip and woke up to our sick cat, a trip to the vet, and a 3 hour delay.

2. Forget you have control of cravings

Sometimes hotels don’t have continental breakfast, but they have hot water

I know they don’t have free snacks like these! Even if they did, they would be like $37! 🙂

3. Stress! Vacation. Say it with me now…v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n. Your time to take off and relax. Don’t let this become too much that you don’t even want to go.

4. Over pack. I talked about it before, but take my example. When the Hulkster and I were in high school, we had to fly out with his family to go to his sister’s wedding. My dad was nice enough to take us to the airport, we piled in the car and left….my hub’s bag happened to still be in the garage. We don’t know how it happened, but we had to give up and just let it be. When we got to our destination, we headed to the nearest Walmart and got him all the essentials. It happens, right? Live and learn.

5. Forget to hydrate!!!

Take your own water bottle to save money, and the environment!

6. Forget your own comfort

So soft 🙂

Sometimes hotel pillows just don’t cut it for me!

And don’t forget modeling these things is hawt…kinda.

Recommended But Not Necessary:

1. A playlist on your iPod for those dull moments that need to turn into “singing at the top of your lungs to Mumford and Sons” moments. Oh yeah, does it every time.

2. A camera. We all have picture taking abilities on our phones.

3. Bring your own towels. For me this is necessary because I have suuuuper sensitive skin. I hate it. But I’m not going to compromise my trip because I’ve got hives.

4. Research your restaurants. If your diet is strict with calories or allergies, do yourself a favor and google search some spots that you can find healthier alternatives. Or just bring your own food.

Well that’s all I have for now folks! I hope it was helpful, even the slightest bit! I’ve got our own road trip coming up and I can’t wait!!! Happy end of the week, hello Sunday!