But I am a {She-Hulk}! 🙂

I woke up Thursday in a bad mood. 😦 <— Necessary sad face. It was mostly because I’m a girl and I am Mrs. Emotional at times. This time I all that and a bag of chips. Chips being, you know, girl time. Sigh.

Normally I can just snap out of these moods I get in. I just couldn’t shake it this time. I tried eating (being that I’m such an emotional eater!) I tried Zumba (which was a temporary high) I tried tv (meh) I tried meeting with friends (again, temporary high) ug, I thought it would take a Polaroid to shake this feeling.

Enter a sweet little two year old I babysat for this morning. I love kids. I don’t have them, certainly want them, but now is not my time for babies. That’s why sitting for kids is so awesome. We can go to the park, watch Sesame Street til we turn Cookie Monster Blue, squish eat bananas, feed ducks, just have fun alllllll day. And then I hand said child(ren) back to the parentals. Awesome. That’s probably why I like being an aunt so much. It’s like having little sisters that aren’t around long enough to annoy you. She steals her own sisters’ covers!

Ahhhh…sigh again. I’m back. And I feel good! And we went to go see…

The Avengers

OH MY GOSH. This movie is great, yes. But Hulk- totally my Hulkster. EVERYTHING about him is the same! It was amazing! The whole time I was looking over to him laughing. This picture is also awesome because The Hulk is in the background but an integral part of the plan. Also very true of him. Love it! Too bad they don’t have an {She-Hulk} Avenger. Even if they did, she probably wouldn’t smile, cook dinner, or host parties as much as I do! 😉