Since the Hulkster signed us up for the Warrior Dash sometime in T minues 10 weeks two days later but who’s counting, we’ve been hauling buns at the gym. And outside. And whenever possible. 3.1 miles may not seem like a lot to you, but to us it’s

H U G E.

Hulkster has run a 5k before but that was about 10 years ago, the longest I’ve ever run without stopping is one mile.  And I was going to die, almost. So you see, we need some training. There’s one breakfast that is always my go to meal. We like it for breakfast or dinner, anytime really.

My Running Breakfast Scramble!

We’ve Got:

2 Large Cage Free Eggs + 4 egg whites

For proper completion of all amino acids the ratio is about 1 egg to 2 egg whites, hence my amounts

1-2 tablespoons of El Pato (the only hot sauce we let in this house!)

1/2 an onion

1/2 a red bell pepper (it’s rare I use another color)

1/2 a link of Ekrich Turkey Sausage

Some cheese

Olive oil spray

Olive oil

8 strawberries

Cutting board, knife, salt (I never use salt very much, don’t know why I put it there) pepper

A ziplock container and fork for whisking

Start by chopping up your onion and bell pepper

I use half of the onions and peppers and then put the rest in the freezer

Makes it so much easier for next time!

Heat olive oil in a skillet to medium and saute your peppers and onions til soft

Chop up your sausage

And add to your peppers and onions

Btw, I don’t salt my O + P because the sausage is already saltly

But this is your breakfast, do what you want

During this point, I mix up my eggs and hot sauce

Don’t worry, your eggs will have a slight red tint- it’s deliciousness showing through!

Grab a handful (or two!) of spinach and throw it on the cooking mixture…

Hey! Where’d it go?

I kid, I kid. It’s underneath 😉

The spinach will wilt quickly

I turn the heat down to low and make some space for the eggs

Like dis!

I spray some olive oil spray (just so they don’t stick)

And in they go!

If I’ve learned anything about eggs, they like low and slow when cooking

There’s a lot of protein them so don’t put your heat too high mmkay?

Scramble them up, add some cheese and DINE!

I like to pair our meal with whole wheat toast and strawberries

You could of course add an orange, another favorite.

I was too impatient to get a good picture- I {She-Hulk-Out} if I’m not FED in the mornings and step by steps take a while 🙂

I like to give Hulkster about 2/3 of the pan, so I get 1/3 of the pan. I ate all my strawberries and half of my plate and I was FULL. In case you’re wondering, My Running Breakfast Scramble clocks in at 309 calories. 460 if you eat all that’s on this plate. For just the two of us, that’s just perfect. For all you normal people, I could see this feeding one mama and two kiddos. Or one mama, one papa, and one kiddo. But use your own math to it.

So what did you eat for breakfast? Is there a signature dish you alllllllways make before a specific athletic activity? I’d love to hear your thoughts!