I cringe when I see/hear ya’ll but I know a good portion of the country says it so my time to get over it! 🙂

Speaking of Ya’ll, we’re scheduled to take a trip down to Nashville in ONE week. Actually by this time next week we should be pulling in to the beautiful state of Tennessee. Do you like Tennessee? How bout’ Nashville?

Beautiful no?

I love Nashville. I wasn’t sold on it when we first went there, what with the “ya’lls,” country music, and bugs! But I’ve learned to adapt. I like (not love) country music, I used to hate it. Like seriously a hater. I would rag on all my friends that would even consider putting that noise on. It kinda helps if you meet a country star too… 🙂 I’ve been many a time now and it has become a second home to me. Thankfully because we’re going there after all! My adorable father in law (that’s what I call him because he really is adorable!) is from Nashville and his sweet mother (my grandmother in law) turned 90 this year, so all the family wants to get together for a reunion.

I’ve never been nor participated in a reunion so this should be fun! Especially since we are going to caravan down with some good friends of ours! How crazy that my friends from Michigan happened to be going down the same weekend to Nashville? Trust me, crazy! I really love car trips so this should be fun. I promise to take more pictures than I get permission for, I’m good at that! I also promise to eat BBQ, but not go overboard. I am not a “I’m on vacation so I’m going to eat half my body weight in food.” Nope, na-uh. That is not happening. For me, vacation is for visiting family and doing fun things. Not gaining 5lbs. I’m not alone in this right? Bueller? I know I’ll eat more than normal just because the majority of the time meals are on the go, but what’s the point in rolling yourself to and from each destination? I say no point.

I’m getting my hair did on Tuesday- so excited. Short is my recipe for non tangled rat’s nest of hair! Did you know I’ve done Locks of Love? Three times? I’ll post on that some day, crazy the change!

Any trips on your horizon? It’s pretty rare we get to go on vacation so this should be fun! I think I’ll start packing now! 🙂