This was me at work today

Just peachy! 🙂

Sometimes when the big boss is gone, you get more work done you know? Well that’s how it is for us. Fun fact: I work with my best friend. She was actually my best friend before I started working there and when they needed someone to fill the position she swooped in and said, “{She-Hulk}! She’s working here! That’s all there is to it!” Well, that’s what she said in my head.

A lot of people around us were concerned about the possible issues that may come up, and I hear them. But there’s just something about sharing this experience with her that makes it all worthwhile. You see, I can’t work with my Hulkster. Oh believe me we would love to work together. But we wouldn’t get anything done 😉 We’d talk all day, about everything and anything. We’d laugh, have fun, look up crazy pictures people post on Facebook, it would be amazing. But my best friend, she’s the next best thing. Thankfully we’re a little more focused than the previous scenario!

Don’t worry, we’ve had our fights. I hate fighting. But you know what? We stay friends. And that’s what best friends are all about.

What is your best friend like? Is she a foot shorter than you like mine? 🙂