I had mentioned how we took care of my friend’s dog last week. I thought I would devote a post to her, because she was so cute!

Our furry friend Phene

Yes, my Hulkster has a very Amish looking beard

Don’t ask.

She was easy to play with, and train

We taught her how to sit, wait, walk alongside us

The best one: When to relax! A bit of a crazy, that dog!

She was so active when we first got her (excuse the toes, haha)

But she quickly perked her ears and paid attention

Because this was her vacation!

She found her favorite pillow, and relaxed 🙂

We cherished every walk we went on, every time she followed me around in the kitchen, every night when we helped her up onto our bed. We were secretly hoping my friend would  realize she had too many other things to do and give her to us…but she didn’t. We both cried when she had to leave. We’ll get a dog someday when we can handle the responsibility. Grad school makes everything more difficult. But I was ok when I heard my friend say her 2 year old daughter kept asking, “Where’s Ne Ne?” Only for her, only for her.