Good Afternoon!

It’s another gorgeous day in Michigan. I’ve got the windows and blinds open with the breeze blowing in, sigh.

There is a serious issue that had come up in my life and I really needed to change what I was doing. My friends were concerned, my family was puzzled, but I was fine. It wasn’t until my best friend and Hulkster of a husband staged a mini interview and broke the news to me that I finally understood.

“You need to put less stuff in your purse!”

I had all the common reactions. Anger, hurt, denial, but I knew they were right. My purse was always heavy. Always too big, too stuffed, too lumpy and therefore I looked dumpy! Rhyme totally intended!

There had been a purse I had been eying for a while at Payless. I don’t usually buy shoes because I sadly have gigantor feet and it depresses me, but purses? Any day! They had a great BOGO sale and online I found a 15% off coupon so I buckled and got two new smaller purses. I haven’t had the opportunity to use both yet because one is fancier than the other and it’s rare of an occasion I get fancy but this one has been great.

Cute no?

It has been a challenge let me tell you! But the benefits have been worth it. My shoulder isn’t sore, I’m fashionable enough to throw it on and leave, and it holds all I need.  I love the pocket inside because it fits my phone exactly, winner! I’ve been tempted to jam things in but I literally can’t so I don’t! The Hulkster and best friend are happy with the results and I was thankful to have a frankly honest friend and spouse!

What does your purse look like? Are you a jammer like I used to be? What’s the best part about your purse?