Hey guys/gals!

Did you have a fabulous Mothers’ Day? We did! It would have been better if we actually were with our moms but hey, grad school calls the best of us out to the most raaandom of states 🙂

As promised, I have some great pictures of our living room makeover. I’m really excited because like I said before, we really haven’t purchased more than one or two furniture items for ourselves. To add to that, we’ve actually never made any big purchases for ourselves in our whole marriage (going on 4 years now!). We’ve had occasions we needed to shell out money before, like my wisdom teeth extraction, flying home short notice for the Hulkster’s grandfathers funeral, but nothing fun for us. That is until the weekend!

Let’s start with the before.



Eww RIGHT?! I’m slightly embarrassed but it looks nothing like that now so I’m slightly ok with it… besides the afters don’t look as good when you don’t even know what to base your reaction off of right?

To explain a little, we were still taking care of my friend’s dog and cleaning out our place. I had to go through a lot of things like magazines, papers, old clothes, ug, the works! Most of it ended up in the living room (along with the Hulkster’s socks/my winter boots…?) and we were able to get it all taken out and reorganized.

Ok without further ado… THE AFTERS!!!


This is our new living room!!!


The front complete with:

New big screen TV from Target (on clearance!)

New TV stand and shelving from Ikea (on clearance!)

New lamp on the left

Flower table (the Hulkster got it because I graduated last year and felt bad he never got me anything, I couldn’t be too upset with the consolation :))

The lamp on the right is from my in laws and I’ve always loved it because it’s different, plus I can put stuff in it!

The F A M I L Y blocks are my “Happy Wedding Day Gift” from the Hulkster, I’ll have to post about my gift on another day (hint: I worked on it for five years!)


Inside the shelving we got some baskets so the wiring could easily go through and behind, hidden from sight. I am a nut when it comes to that, I {She-Hulk-Out} if you know what I mean 😉

The machinery: PS3, Xbox, internet router, Wii, and the Time Capsule

Below and underneath we have the Wii board, and cases for movies, tv shows, and games


To the right, we’ve got:

Our two huge but comfy La-Z-Boys (from in laws)

A little side table/lamp/magazine rack (also from in laws, pretty sure originally from Walmart


This is the view if you turn around in the living room:

Our l o o o o o n g couch (from Craigslist!) has two reclining seats on each end

In the middle we have our little table (from Ikea) perfect to place a laptop and coasters

And our little foot rest (originally from Ikea, a friend gave it to us) because the middle seats are stationary

And oh…what do we have here?


A little closer…

(Including our wicker box from the in laws and some updated reading material!)


Aww! It’s my sweet Christa!

She was the supervisor over the project!

ImageAnd we have Miss Bella…sorry I could not turn the photo for some reason…

She was our Vanna White for our new clock (Ikea)

The older one is in the 2nd bedroom, cool story to it…another post I’m sure!

Bella does not like having her picture taken, hehe

But as soon as she realized how cozy our place was now…


She joined in the cuteness…aww! Shhh! ..Oops

Well my friends, that was our crazy weekend and our new living room. I’m still in shock over the difference. Even I did not know it was so bad until I saw the before from a few short days ago. Patting myself on the back just a little.

Have you ever done something like this? What do you think about the change? Do you have kitties like us?