Happy Mothers’ Day…again!

I just wanted to say that I love my Moms!

ImageOur Wedding Day with all the parents

The top 5 reasons I love my Mom:

1. She takes care of herself. She’s a breast cancer survivor and health nut. She eats very well, exercises every day and really does her best to be a role model for health and wellness

2. She’s loves to entertain. There’s not one Sunday lunch that we missed back home because my mom made a huge meal for our family. This included her, my dad, my brother, my brother in law, sister, my sister’s four daughters, the Hulkster, me, and sometimes she invited my in laws if they were available! It was a lot of people, a lot of food, a lot of fun, and you better believe she made apple pie every week- or my name isn’t {She-Hulk}!

3. She cares for the unwanted. I hate to say it but there are people at my mom’s church that don’t visit their elderly parents as much as my mom does. There was an older lady my mom visited every week in the nursing home, just to bring her a luxury items like a hamburger or walnuts, or take her outside on a walk. Unfortunately that lady has passed, but my mom is always bringing meals over to people, teaching Sunday school, and always diligent about helping people.

4. She’s hilarious. Not like a joke telling funny, she just IS funny. She runs funny, she talks funny, she tells stories that are 5 minutes long that leave us so confused we have to ask as many questions as words to the story, she laughs funny, she has funny toes, but what makes it the most funny is she totally knows it! She laughs along with us because she knows just how funny she actually is. Don’t worry- it’s all in good fun, I think my mom is beautiful and she looks a-ma-zing for her age!

5. She doesn’t brake the rules. She sees things as black and white. She sticks to her guns. Although she struggles with being judgmental at times, she will always do the right thing in any given situation. She was always my advocate with mean girls, bad teachers, sibling fights…ha, not that we ever fought…. ahem

The top 5 reasons I love my Mother in law

1. I consider my MIL as my mom. She helped raise me, she was there for me when she really didn’t even know me, and yet she took me into her home and treated me like her own. She and my Father in law still do to this day and it just makes me feel so special to know they really care about me that much.

2. She loves to shop! AH! My mom hates shopping, my dad loves it. Not that I didn’t want to go with him all the time, but shopping is soooo girly! Anytime I’m able to see my MIL, we go shopping and have a blast! The best part is she really likes it when I try new things and try to be adventurous with colors and shapes- I tend to lean to the boring side of style, but I’m working on it! 🙂

3. She’s SuperMom. I want to be the mom she is and was when I have kids. Incredibly loving, devoted, she always had a clean house with dinner on the table and dessert in the oven. Rockstar!

4. She smells so beautiful. I know that sounds weird but there’s this feeling I get when I’m around her, it’s like comforting/loving/contentment I can’t explain. She always looks beautiful, her hair is always in style, she’s not annoyingly perfect, she’s just so.

5. She’s a rule breaker 🙂 There is NO way on Earth my mom would have ever let me go out on a school night to see the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with my boyfriend (now Hulkster) ever! But guess who was with us in line and drove us home at 4 in the morning? My awesome mother in law 🙂 Props to my dad for giving us permission…we have yet to tell my mom to this day! He he!

My Moms are amazing! I may not get to see them all the time but that doesn’t mean we still don’t love each other the same. Happy Mothers’ Day to you, and to whomever you call Mom!