If you’re reading this on the East Coast, you should be in bed! Never mind that I’m awake too, chop chop!

West Coaster, read at your leisure!

Sigh. I’m kinda of freaking out just a little right now. My husband, the Hulkster, the one I love dearly and have been with for almost a decade….signed us up for a Warrior Dash. I’m so nervous! I don’t know what to expect (other than mud in every place I don’t want it to be.) Has anyone done this before?

Thankfully his best friend/our best man will be joining us and he has done the race before, but he’s also run a marathon…I am in no way even close to running that let alone a 5k! Trust me I’ve been working on it, but there’s always been this thing with running for me. I can never put my finger on it. I don’t love it in any way shape or form, but yet I don’t hate it either. I know it’s good for me healthwise….I guess my brain is just a little overwhelmed with thinking about running that much, which is much farther than I can run now.

Welp, I’ve got 2.5 months. I can do this…right? RIGHT?!