Oh man, the dog we are sitting for has turned into a family member in the last 7 days. We love her. I’m dreading the phone call we’re going to get tomorrow when my friend and her family return. She is the sweetest little dog. She looks like this but a little bigger. We’ve taken her on walks, taught her tricks, we even gave her a bath tonight. I don’t want to pride myself on how well she’s done, but I think she needed some extra TLC since my friend has a daughter that requires a LOT of attention. I’m going to be so sad 😦 Do you get attached to animals like we do?

In happier news, we’re going to Ikea tomorrow. I’m really excited because (I know this is hard to believe but..) other than one little side table and the couch we bought off Craigslist, we’ve never bought another single piece of furniture in our house. I know. Is that crazy or what? It turns out we have very generous family and friends that give us AMAZING handy downs. Our bedroom furniture? Family air loom. Kitchen table and guest bed? My best friend needed more space so she took my small table (that my mother in law gave me) and our twin mattress (friend gave us when he moved) and traded us a bigger table and a great queen size mattress + bed frame. Two lazy boys, wicker box and organizer, and lamps? All from my in-laws. Everything else is from our friend Josh who moved to Michigan for a year but quickly had to move to New York and didn’t need everything he originally bought. Amazing.

So, it’s high time we bought something we love, and is actually purchased by us. 🙂 Specifically we would like to get a TV stand because the one we had before (hint: another handy down) was too small and getting old. We tried putting a desk under it (a coworker was moving offices and I got the desk) but it just doesn’t look right. The great thing is that I pretty much already know what I want. I have 3 friends who have this exact stand, and I fell in love the first time I saw it. I told you before, if I’m given the options I run with it. Which is great because Ikea to me is just like the craft store- so much stuff and I don’t know what to do with 94% of it. Specific I know.

Thankfully I took some before pictures of our living room when it was oober messy and when you see the finished product it will be like BAM, amazing. Or at least I like to think so.

Do you like Ikea? What about decorating? Are you a copycat like me? The friends that have that stand are all in California, so I’m going to rock it here in Michigan!

I guess I don’t hate Ikea, they have cinnamon rolls that are amaaaazing! 🙂 And hey, I like what I like…what I like!