Good evening, well night has fallen now. The Hulkster and I are night owls and 10pm is no big deal for us in tiredland. We can stay up much much later than this no problem. Actually the problem comes in the morning when we have to wake up, but that’s besides the point!

I had a FAIL moment today. Actually I two fails today. I failed while trying to fix my first fail! I swear I don’t try to, it just happens! Allow me to explain…

At work today I was given the opportunity to make a craft. I am not a creative person to begin with, however if you give me the main idea I can take it and run. Need an example? Ok so I hated planning my wedding. Hated.Every.Second.Actually. I am not one of those Pinterest girls that has Wedding, Baby, and Home Decorating sections, blek. But you better believe when the food and cake tasting came, I was all about my ideas. I was given delicious ideas, and then less delicious ideas and I could pick and choose what I wanted. Or like when I try to figure out a new style or outfit, I have no idea what I want to buy until I see it in the store. Get it? Sorta?

So I was taking off with this project alllll excited because it’s rare for me to have creative outlets in my job and I headed to the craft store. I don’t know about you, but craft stores just aren’t my favorite. Everything is overpriced (in my opinion) and who has the time?! Well, my retired mom. She’s the only person I can think of that has the time and shops at the particular brand of craft store I went to. I go in and of course I had to ask someone right away where the gadgety thingy for my craft was. Luckily she could translate my craftlish (Crafts + English) and sent me to the AISLE I needed to be in. I don’t know about you but even the aisle seems just as confusing to find what I need as looking through the whole stinking store…can you tell my skin was showing some green?

I find what I need after looking what seemed like forever (probably 5 minutes) purchased it, and went back to work all excited again. I start to assemble my gadgety thingy and it doesn’t go. What? Ok favorite site for Crafting for Dummies: YouTube! I click through some videos and find out that I only bought Part 2, I need Part 1. FAIL. And how annoying is it to have to go alllll the way back intrafficwherepeopledrivelikeidiots just to get this stupid part for this stupid gadgety thingy for my stupid craft….starting to {She-Hulk}!

I get to the craft store and see some trashcans outside. Oh how brilliant. Take some trash out of car. Put in trashcan. Easy enough right? Nope, not for meeeee.

I take a bag, which happened to be paper and pile my trash in. Most of it was cups, either coffee or jr. jamocha shakes the Hulkster and I shared on the way there (stress eating I tell ya!) and it all fit perfectly in the bag for me to throw away. I left my husband in the car with the dog we’re sitting and made my way to the cans. “Oh what a beautiful day it has been,” I thought. RIIIIIIIIIP

Seriously?! That bag I was carrying? Totally split down the side and all of the cups spilled on the ground. FAIL.

I wasn’t NOT going to pick it up, but I knew it would take two trips. Ug. You can’t win them all I guess. Thankfully I didn’t “turn” all the way into a {She-Hulk}! Oh believe me it happens, but this kind of stuff you just have to look back at your laughing husband in the car and crack up yourself.

I was successful in getting my gadgety thingy for my craft, I might just work on it tonight since I’m excited about it again now that I have the right tools!

Did you have a fail today or recently? What about craft store? Love em’, hate em’?