Hola! How is everyone?

Me? I’m wiped out! Haha. That picture from yesterday after volleyball? I look waaaay worse, which is a good thing!

This morning when I took the Hulkster to work I decided it was too sunny, too beautiful, too gloomy inside my gym to run. I decided to run outside for a change. I got my phone all ready with RunKeeper and MapMyRun. Normally I just use RunKeeper because who cares where I get, I’m on a treadmill. I had my running shoes on, my headphones in, I even had my fancy pants headwrap for my ever straying bangs. I was ready. That is, until I got out of the car to actually run.

I guess I didn’t notice it when I walked from our house to the car to begin the day, but it was cold. A little too cold for my liking. I’ve had really sensitive ears in the past to cold when I run and normally I have earmuffs but I thought, “Oh well, I’ll try it anyway. I’m already here and it’s sunny and gorgeous outside!” I walk my warmup, start running, and oh no. This won’t do, it’s just too cold. Bummer. I ran back to the car,  and if I had a tail it would have been between my legs.

Now for me, the best way to derail myself from my workout plan is to give myself an out. You know what I mean. [“Oh well, running didn’t work out today betterlucknexttime!” “You know you did eat a light breakfast, no need to burn too many calories.” “Running schmunning, what’s for second breakfast?!”] But I was determined this time, and when I’m determined about something, you better believe I go for it. After all, I am a {She-Hulk}! So I went home and popped in Jillian’s 30 Day Shred.

Now I could seriously write an entire post on how much I love Jillian. Some hate her which I will never understand, but I really do love her. Like I love pineapple, weddings, and sleeping in on Saturdays. She’s just great. So anyway I put in 30DS.The way that it works is there are Three Levels. You start with Level One (which I guess you could start on the harder levels but that would mean you’re amazing and maybe you shouldn’t tell me because I will feel like a weakling) and you work your way up to Level Two and then Level Three. I seem to remember the first time I tried this video and semi dying after it was done. I like to consider myself fairly active, but not in top shape yet. Last time I did 30DS it didn’t hit me until I sat down after the video was over in exhaustion, but when it did I ended up on the floor. And I don’t remember much else, lol. Is that pathetic? Maybe.

Well this time after I finished Level One I can say I’m alive and well thankyouverymuch! Oh sure, I wanted to quit but I just can’t do that. My fitness and health are too important to me blah blah and the gist is that I would really love to look good in my jeans for my Hulkster, know what I mean? I think you do 🙂

So a tip for anyone out there, I used Pasta Sauce Jars for weights. Yes, pasta sauce jars. You may laugh, but they have many uses, with the addition of my own idea. I don’t have real weights in my home, but these worked just fine for me. Mine were 24 oz = 1.5 lbs in weight. Good for me, since I’m still a beginner to 30DS. And if you are still laughing from my lack of weight poundage, well you’re just awesome and maybe you should pick on someone your own size. Eventually I’ll have to work up to other canned items if I want to look like that cartoon {She-Hulk} in the heading. Those arms, that would be awesome!

So what about you? Are there any at home remedies for your exercise plan? Do you love Jillian as much as I do? Have you tried/not tried/loved/hated 30 Day Shred?