We can’t all be perfect can we?

Well maybe she can. (Doesn’t the video just make you smile? DVD was such a great supporting role for her!)

For most of us, the goal of perfection is impossible.

Trust me, I’ve tried it. I’ve tried putting a smile on my face while I just realized I forgot my laundry in the washer last week, and pretending I forgot I met someone twice before because I still can’t remember his name, and that chili I made, totally from a can.

My friends will do it too when they tell me everything is fine but truly deep down they can’t believe I took the last cookie. Who takes the last cookie without asking? ME! But only chocolate chip, or maybe a snickerdoodle…

My parents/in laws do it when they say everything is fine back home (California) but as soon as we come out to visit the flood gates pour open all the sadness they hold inside from missing us. I do this, even more than they do actually.

My Hulkster does this A LOT because, well I’m very sensitive dang it. And he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings blah blah so he won’t tell me he’s annoyed that I forgot to say thank you when he took out the trash.

I told you, I’m a really really really nice girl.

But not when people are trying to act perfect, or make things seem like everything is perfect.

How bout’ we just cut the boloney? Perfection, while functional is so BORING.

I want to make mistakes! I want to know people are having problems so I can help them or at least not say incredibly insensitive things because I had no idea of the truth! I need to be told I’m missed more than I know and gosh darn it, my Hulkster needs to demand a thank you, politely.

I grow, I learn, I mature knowing I am not perfect. Otherwise I’m just stuck as a robot, or stepford wife, or a toy doll being manipulated into all the positions people put me in.

Not happening, not this girl er, woman. I’m going to laugh at my faults and put my best foot forward. Even if I forgot to paint my toenails again. 🙂

Til next time with lots of love,