Yo yo and a cup of cocoa! Well, smoothie actually. The Hulkster had a mad craving for one on the way home, and the closet Smoothie King was on the other side of town while we headed the opposite direction home. I knew I had a ton of fresh fruit I just bought so I told him I’m whip him one up like a good little wife and I’m so glad I did!


Here’s what I did:

1 Handful of ice (my hands are big and I like my smoothies cold so plan accordingly)

1/4 cup raspberries (eyeballed)

1/2 blueberries (eyeballed)

1/4 cup each of milk and vanilla yogurt (measured, non fat, and low fat)

1 cup pineapple (eyeballed and I’m a pineapple freak so it may have been more)

2 frozen bananas (the best way to do it is to peel them first before they go in the freezer bag)

About 5 strawberries cut up

That’s all I could fit in my little-pink-perfect-for-the-two-of-us-blender so I put the lid on that baby and hit my smoothie button, being careful to hold the top….because I have a major blender fail….another story for another day! Pictures too! Haha

It was thick and delicious and cold– just the way I like them! My Hulkster loved it too, aww! JIC (Just In Case) anyone is wondering, that glass says UCI Campus Recreation- Zot!

SO the reason for the “rawring” was because I just got back from playing volleyball. That’s why I also look a little crazy in the picture too. I always say if you look pretty after you just worked out, get back in that gym and get some sweat in those pits. Or I say something like that. I have so much fun playing volleyball because it’s so not high school anymore! No politics, no mean girl(s), just play ball! Love that!

Don’t you just love smoothies on a humid night? Did you play sports in high school? Do you look pretty after you workout?

Til next time with lots of love,