Well hello there! Welcome to {She-Hulk-Out}! I am your lovely host; Mrs. {She-Hulk}. Allow me to tell a little about myself.

I am in my mid 20’s…which kinda freaks me out. I swear (cross my heart and hope to die) that I was just 17. But I may just get used to it, we’ll see. I’m married to Mr. Hulk. No, not this Hulk, or even this Hulk. I’m talking about my Hubster/Hulkster. We’re high school sweethearts, met when we were 16, and the rest is history. Maybe I can share that whoooole story with you guys one day, but until then just know he’s awesome. Oh, and really smart.

We live in Michigan, originally from California. This was not something I was particularly ecstatic about when I first heard, but as you’ll come to know I simply love it here. Who knew that would happen? Certainly not me! I did that’s who!

Why {She-Hulk-Out}? Let’s just say there’s this thing that happens when I’m hungry…you won’t like me when I’m hungry. That’s why I plan on sharing some delicious and hopefully healthy recipes, my personal thoughts about life as we know it (warning, I tend to be on the judgmental side without even knowing it! Forgive me and tell me if I happen to offend you!) as well as some crazy stories, and pictures to prove them.

I hope you enjoy this blog, because I know I will have a lot of fun writing in it!

Til next time with lots of love,