Aaahhh…2nd post jitters, jk jk. I’m a professional…. now I’m kidding!

I am blessed enough to have Tuesday and Fridays off. That means I’m on my couch in sweats, contemplating lunch, and periodically petting the dog I’m sitting for. I could get up right now and clean the house likeI’vebeenplanningtoforthelastohfewmonthsorso but I just sit here and type. You see, I really like to write. Oh so boring for some I know, but I’ve been told I’m talented at it. Usually what that means is if someone shines a light on me I hide. But blogging is different. With the internet, there is so much less spotlight. I could seriously never tell you my real name, but all about my life and what I look like. It’s fascinating to me!

I may not be the most interesting, but I know I have a lot to share. So let’s start with the basics of my day.

1. There is a super sweet XBOX that has been patiently been waiting for me to open its box. I haven’t done this yet because of said non clean house. I’m going to change that today!
2. Thankfully I already went grocery shopping last night, on a Monday for Pete sake! I never do that but go meeee, go meeee!
3. I will utilize my time today because after all, my day is mine today and I can plan ahead for so much. Like making burrito bowls! Yummay!

Til next time with lots of love,