My friends make fun of me for many things. I seem to say, “Oh my gosh aww!!!” at every squishy faced puppy I see, I spout off random health and fitness facts to glossed over eyes and donuts stuffed in mouths, and I laugh at the dumbest things on the planet. But the one thing I’m most famous for is being a She-Hulk. It’s true, I am a really really really nice girl…

… but not when I’m hungry

… or when I’m driving

… or when I’m exercising

… or doing a lot of other things.

Thankfully you will know about these times very soon because I plan to blog about them! Yay! Thanks for coming along on my journey because I just know you are bound to relate to at least one of my She-Hulk moments, and laugh with me…or at me! 🙂

Til next time with lots of love,